Saturday, August 9, 2008

More Guthlac

The first three parts of Guthlac A are posted, and the notes sections is struggling along behind it. I feel that I am starting to get a feel for the poem's unique qualities: its heavily periodic structure that depends on very dense repetition, its unusual meter (Sievers types don't really help very much in many of the lines), and the poem's obsession with state and condition (as evidenced by the constant use of had, and the frequent use of legal terminology).

I hope you are enjoying the evolution of the translation as much as I am.

On another note, ASNPP just broke a minor landmark today. The page has had 1,005 hits, with 756 unique visitors. I still have a long way to go to catch up with In The Middle, and the guinea pig cartoon page has still had 8 times as many hits, but I am very proud this project has received so much interest. Thank you all!


Jeffrey J. Cohen said...

Thank YOU. I don't comment here that much because I don't in all honesty have the time I would like to think about translation these days, but I very much appreciate that you offer -- so generously -- your work. The Guthlac translation has been especially fun for me to read.

Secret Guinea said...

Thank you, Jeffrey, for your encouragement in getting all this off the ground!

Eileen Joy said...

CONGRATS [sound of champagne cork popping]!