Sunday, December 18, 2011

Retry: the start of the Phoenix part I

I have learned that there is the best of lands far from here,
in eastern places, according to the report of men.
This corner of the world cannot be reached by folk-rulers,
many across middle-earth, for it is withdrawn beyond them
the sin-makers, by the might of the Measurer. Lovely is this whole land,
blessed with joys and with the fairest odors of the earth.
Unique is that well-watered realm, noble that wright, proud
and abounding in might, he who established that ground.
Often there is open the door of heaven’s empire and revealed
to the blessed the bliss of singing. That is a joyful place,
the groves green and roomy beneath the heavens.
Neither the rain or the snow can spoil it a bit—
not the frost’s blowing nor the fire’s throwing,
not the hail’s tumbling nor the rime’s fumbling,
not the heat of the sun nor the everlocking cold,
not the warm weather nor winter’s shower—
but that realm endures, prosperous and absolute. (1-20a)

The noble province is blown with blossoms.
Neither peaks nor steep hills stand there, nor stony cliffs
hang over the heights, as they do here among us,
not caves nor clefts nor carvings in the hill-sides,
rills neither ridges, nor any kind of rough scarps
but that worthy plain ever burgeons under the skies,
increases its pleasures. That bright land is higher
than the surrounding earth by twelve fathoms—
as is revealed to us by the report of the wise,
the prophets through the wisdom of the Scriptures—
than any of these bright mountains that here among us
hang over the heights under the stars of heaven. (20b-32)

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