Sunday, March 3, 2013

Plans/the future for the ASNPP

Hello all, So things are changing quickly around here.

First up, is that a relocation is coming up soon. Rutgers is providing webspace and a Wordpress interface for my translation work, so things will be shifting over there in the next few months. I'll keep you posted on the URL when I get started on the transition, but this site will be live for a while until all the poems are moved over.

Secondly, the book proposals for the ASNPP translations are drafted and will be ready to send out in the next few months. What that means for the status of the poems which will be included in the two volumes I proposed is uncertain. Certainly if either of the proposals are accepted, then the press will probably prefer that the online versions of those poems be taken down. This is a long-term change, so I wouldn't expect anything to move there for the next year or so.

The process of putting the proposals together has only proven to me that there is merit in the project, and that the final steps of revision of the poems will finally push them into the place where they should be. I'm excited to see where these creations will turn, and somewhat in awe of the challenge that converting these blog entries into books will present.

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