Thursday, April 17, 2008

More and more updates...

As of April 17th:

a) lines 1058 through 1205 of the Andreas translation have been posted: Andrew saves a young boy from being killed for food, and a devil's husc-wordas get the invisible saint to reveal himself to the desperate Mermedonians. The translation, as always, is accessible via the sidebar, or by following this link.

b) The Notes section has been updated to reflect all the poem currently posted.

c) A bibliographic section has been added to the Notes, which contains a list of all the published editions and translations of Andreas.

I'm starting to get wound up for the next poem to translate. Elene seems like the natural choice, since it appears in the Vercelli Book, and has a lot in common with Andreas, but I am considering Exodus or Guthlac. Of course, after Hal Momma's talk yesterday for ASSC, I might jump into the Exeter Book's Christ A, B & C or Christ and Satan.

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