Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Slight changes

I have split the Andreas translation into eight pieces, one per post, in order to break that increasingly large block of text into more manageable pieces. These divisions do not have basis in the manuscript presentation, but breaking a long poems into chapters, based on the judgment of the poem's thematic units, seems acceptable.

At this point, I am very nearly done -- with only parts seven through ten yet to be completed (Seven will concern Andrew's torments and his confrontation with the devil, eight the final day of torment, nine the narrator's pause and the flood, and ten Andrew's victory and the poem's conclusion).

I'm thinking the next poem will be Elene: the similarities to Andreas in theme, genre, language and presentation make it the obvious choice, really. Plus it's only 1300 lines long. So you will shortly see a new link to follow in the sidebar.


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