Thursday, March 10, 2011

[a short] Genesis V & a bit of VI -- Genesis B starts

[The opening of Genesis B and how Genesis A transitions into the interpolated poem is missing due to several lost pages.]


“… but you both [may] enjoy all of the others, leaving alone
that one tree. Guard yourselves against that fruit.
Nor will there be any lack of desirable things for you.”

Then Adam and Eve bowed down their heads devoutly
to the Heaven-King in reply and spoke all thanks,
for his wisdom and their lessons. God allowed them to dwell in that land.
Then the Holy Lord departed for the heavens, the Strong-minded King.
His handiwork stood together on the sand, knowing nothing of sorrow
to give them lament, if only they should perform the pleasure of God
forever. They were beloved of God so long as they kept his holy word. (235-45)


The All-Wielder, the Holy Lord, through his hand-power
had created ten kindred of angels, in them he trusted well.
so that they wished to pursue his service, working his desires,
therefore he granted them intelligence and shaped them
with his hands, the Holy Lord. (246-51)

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