Friday, June 24, 2011

Genesis XIX (the last of the genealogy so far)

In his tracks Mahalaleel kept land and possessions after
a great many half-years. The first-spear was five and sixty
winters old when he by his wife began to produce children.
His bride brought a son, the woman unto the menfolk.
The kinsman in his tribe was, as I have learned, called Jared,
a young man among the youth. Mahalaleel lived afterwards
and enjoyed prosperity for a long time, the joys of men here,
the treasures of this world. He had five and ninety plus eight hundred
winters when he departed forth. He left to his son land and rule. (1167-80)

For a long time afterwards Jared gave out gold unto his men.
The earl was noble, a law-fast man and this first-spear was dear
to his free-born kin. Five and ninety winters passed he lived
in this life in this worldly realm and sixty more when
the time was come that his wife brought into the world a son.
His heir was named Enoch, the beautiful first-born.
His father here to this point had increased the generation
of his kind from then on sons for eight hundred years.
In all, he was five and sixty years old plus nine hundred more
when he departed forth, the wise friend of many winters
and counts of night, when he relinquished this world
and Jared then left land and leadership to his wise children,
to those dear to warriors. (1181-96)

Afterwards Enoch heaved up his princely authority, the peaceful
power, the wise leader of the people—he did not at all allow
glory and dignity to fall as long as he was warden of his closest kin.
He enjoyed days of increase, begat children for three hundred winters.
The Lord was gracious to him, the Sovereign of the Skies.
The man henceforth sought his serenity while in his body-house,
the glory of the Lord, not at all killed by the death of middle-earth,
just as men are here, young and old, when their God takes
them away from their possessions and provisions,
their treasures on earth, and their lives at the same time,
but Enoch left here alive with the King of Angels,
traveling from this loaned life in his clothing which
his spirit seized before him and brought to the mother of his people. (1197-1213)

He left behind his people for his eldest son, the first-child.
Five and sixty winters Enoch had when he gave up the world
and three hundred more. After a time Methuselah held the heritage
of his kinsmen, who enjoyed these world-joys for the longest time
in his body-home. He had begotten a great many sons and daughters
before his death-day, this old warrior, when he had to turn from men—
at nine hundred and seventy winters. (1214-24a)

His son Lamech after him kept the people’s land, a long time
afterwards distributed his worldly goods.* He was a hundred
and two winters old when the time came that the earl
began to conceive noble children, sons and daughters.
Afterwards he lived five and ninety more, the lord enjoying many
winters beneath the sky, the lord of hosts, and five hundred more.
He kept the people well and begat children, and more
were born to him, both sons and daughters. The eldest of them
was named Noah, who distributed the land to men since
after Lamech departed. (1224b-36)

The noble lord-counsellor had five hundred winters when
first began to beget children, as the book tells us.
The son of Noah was called Shem, the eldest.
The second was Ham, and the third Japheth.
The people multiplied, spacious beneath the sky,
increasing the number of men of the tribe
throughout middle-earth sons and daughters.
Up to now was the kindred of Seth, dear to the People’s Start
in such love, precious to the Lord and glory-blessed. (1237-47)

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