Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Genesis XVIII (whew! more genealogy!)

Likewise in that family of kinsmen Tubal Cain was called
at that same time, he who through the strength of his wisdom
was skilled at smithwork and was the first of men, the son
of Lamech, and through the thought of his mind, the inventor
of plow-forging across the earth, afterwards the children of men
knew how to use brass and iron widely, the city-dwellers. (1082-89)

Then unto his two wives Lamech himself spoke his shameful story
wordfully, to his dear bed-companions, Adah and Zillah:
“I have slain in murder a certain one of my near relations;
I have defiled my hand in the killing of Cain, felling with my hands
the father of Enoch, the first-killer of Abel, and gave unto the ground
the slaughtered blood of men. I readily know that with body-crumbling
comes as a result the sevenfold vengeance of the Truth-King,
great after such an evil. A greater fall and soul-killing of mine
must be paid with a grim terror, when I quickly pass forth.” (1090-1103)

Then was born another to Adam in Abel’s replacement, an heir
in the homeland, a truth-fast son—his name was Seth.
He was blessed and prospered with his elders, noble as a comfort
to his father and mother, Adam and Eve. He was Abel’s replacement
in this worldly realm. Then the start of mankind spoke a word:
“The eternal Wielder of Victories himself has given me a son,
the Lord of Life, in the place of one I loved, who Cain killed,
and by this child our Prince has driven care-sorrowing
away from my mind. Thanks be to him!” (1104-16)

Adam had, when he soon began to acquire others to his family,
children by his bride, warriors courage-bold, one hundred
and thirty winters in the world of this life. The Scriptures say
to us here that for eight hundred years afterwards he increased
his own lineage with daughters and sons, Adam upon the earth.
In all, he was nine hundred and thirty winters likewise
when he had to depart this world through his soul-parting. (1117-27)

After him, Seth guarded the people, the heir according his elders.
He kept the seat of his native land and obtained a wife.
He was a five and a hundred winters old when he first
began to increase the people of his family with sons and daughters.
Of the sons of Seth, the eldest was called Enos, who God named
first of all the children of men, since Adam walked on green grass
and honored him with his soul. Seth was blessed, afterwards
he beget son and daughters for seven and eight hundred winters.
In all he was twelve and nine hundred years old when
the time came that he must make his peace-parting. (1128-42)

After, when he had departed from the world, Enos kept his inheritance,
after the earth had swallowed the body of seed-bearing Seth.
He was dear to God and lived here for ninety winters
before he begat children by his wife here through lawful conjugation.
Then to him was first brought forth Cainan, an heir in his homeland.
Afterwards for eight hundred and fifteen years in the peace of the Lord
he begat young men, wise-spirited warriors, sons and daughters.
He died when he was five and nine hundred years old, a wise elder. (1143-54)

Of that tribe was Cainan afterwards the life-judge after Enos,
guardian and counselor. He was an even seventy winters old
before a son was born to him. Then was brought forth
in that country a son, the kin of Cainan, Mahalaleel was he called.
After the count of eight hundred and forty years also the nobleman
increased in souls, the son of Enos. In all, nine hundred winters
and ten also had he when he gave up the world, when the count
of his time of days under the roomy heavens was fulfilled. (1155-66)

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