Friday, February 18, 2011

Genesis onginn

Good evening, friends and neighbors! For your reading pleasure tonight I present you the first fourteen lines of Genesis A. A long journey stretches out ahead of me and I am happy to share with you the first steps.


A great duty is ours that we wordfully praise
the Heavens’ Ward, the Glory-King of Armies,
and love him in our hearts! He is the Strength’s Success,
the Head of all High-Creation, the Almighty Lord.
There was never an origin for him, a start to his becoming,
nor will there come an end of the Perpetual Lord—
yet he will forever have dominion over the seats of heaven.
In high majesty, he holds the truth-fast and the treasure-strong
in heaven’s embrace, those who were established far and wide
through the children of glory the might of god,
the watchers of souls. They possess radiance and joy,
the bands of angels, and the bright bliss of their creator.
Great was their prosperity! (ll. 1-14)

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