Monday, February 28, 2011

more Genesis II

Nor was there any creation here yet except for shadowy darkness,
but this wide ground stood, deep and lightless,
remote from the Lord, idle and useless.
In his eyes he gazed, the Strong-Souled King,
and beheld that place, deprived of joys,
seeing the dark blackness hovering in perpetual night
dismal under the skies, gloomy and wasted,
until this earthly creation became by the word
of the Glory-King. First he shaped here, the Eternal Lord,
the Helm of all Creation, the heaven and the earth,
he reared up the sky, and this roomy land he established
by his strong powers, the Lord Almighty. (103-116a)

The earth was not yet green with grass; the spear-waves
were covered by the black endless night, broad and wide,
the dark tides. Then was the Spirit Guarding Heaven,
gloriously bright, borne over the waters with mighty speed
The Maker of Angels, the Dispenser of Life ordered
the light to come forth across the spacious ground.
Quickly the command of the High-King was fulfilled;
His holy light blazed over the wasteland,
just as the Workman required. (116b-125)

Then the Victorious Sovereign sundered light from darkness
across the water-flood, shadow against splendor.
Life’s Dispenser fashioned for both a name—
light was first called “Day” through the Lord’s word,
a creation beauty-bright. It pleased the Lord well
at the start of that forth-bringing moment. The very first day
saw the dark and dismal shadow decreasing
throughout the spacious earth. (126-34)

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