Sunday, February 27, 2011

Genesis part II, part one

Then they were united, the heaven-dwellers,
in the homeland of glory. Spite was diminished
between angels, the persecution and the flaming hostility of battle,
after the war-besotted* had been abandoned by heaven,
and deprived of its light. In their track their former thrones
stood widely, most magnificently rich—growing in graces
in God’s realm, bright and fixed in fruits, yet deprived of dwellers,*
ever since those miserable spirits had gone wretchedly
to the place of exile within their prison of torments. (82-91)

Then our Prince pondered with the thoughts of his mind,
how he might re-establish his illustrious creation,
the homeland’s foundations and the heaven-bright homes
for the better host, those that abandoned the boast-workers,
high in the heavens. Therefore the Holy God willed for them,
with powerful might, that an enclosure under the skies
be established—an earth and over-heaven and broad waters—
and worldly creatures sent as a replacement of the wrathful,
those fallen from sheltering heaven. (92-102)

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