Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Christ & Satan VI

Work is moving forward on C&S. I have been doing something different with this poem, and preserving the editorial line-breaks from the ASPR version of the poem. It's an experiment, and one that I feel suits the sparseness of the poem. I might, however, decide to lineate the translation the way that I have the other ASNPP's poems, in the near future. I have to decide what I like better.


“Then it happened to us that we so wished
to drive out the Lord from his precious home,
the King from his fortress. It is widely known
that we must dwell on the exile’s track,
the grim ground. God himself
keeps the kingdom. He is the sole king,
who angered made this happen, the Eternal Lord,
the Measurer so mighty. Now must this host here
abide in their sins, some hurrying on the breeze,
flying over the earth. The flames are round about
around everyone, though he be up in the air.
Nor may he ever touch the souls of those who seek upwards,
blessed from the earth, though I will grab in my hands
the heathen opponents of God and take them to this ground. (254-68)

Some shall travel about throughout the lands of men
and without peace often disturb
the tribes of men throughout middle-earth.
I must suffer here every event
mourn these bitter harms and evils,
sick and sorrowful, because I wielded them myself
when I established a homeland in heaven
Whether the Eternal One will ever wish
to allow us to come home in heaven’s realm,
possessing our native seat, as he once did.” (269-78)

So mourned the adversaries of God,
hot in hell. For them was the wrath of God
the Savior was made for their blasphemous words.
Therefore one could conceive, every living person
whose heart avails, to remove himself
from wicked thoughts and hateful folly. (278-84)

Let us always remember in our hearts the strength of the Measurer
and to make ready a green road rising up before us,
upwards to the angels, where Almighty God is.
And the Free-born Son of God will embrace us
if we think first of him while we are on the earth,
and trust ourselves to his holy help.
Then he will not forsake us, but give us life instead
upwards amid the angels, and a blessed delight.
The Bright One will reveal to us a stable home,
the radiant city-walls. Radiantly they will shine
the blessed souls, deprived of their sorrows,
where they are ever allowed to dwell forthwards
at the citadel and regal throne. Let us make this known! (285-97)

Let us declare this upon the earth, where we formerly were living,
and unlock eagerly the strongbox of the Sovereign—
let our spirits understand! A thousand angels
will come toward us, if we are allowed to go thither,
and have labored for that while upon the earth.
Therefore he will be blessed who ever despised evil,
pleasing the Lord, and drowning his sins. So he will say himself: (298-305)

“Truth-fast men, like to the sun,
adorned beautifully in their Father’s kingdom,
shine in the shield-town.” There the Shaper himself
embraces them in amity, the Father of Mankind,
raises them graciously into the light of heaven,
where they may dwell with the Glory-King,
always forever—
they will possess the joy of all joys with the Lord God,
ever and forever, always without end. (306-14)

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