Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Translation Idea

I was working at relineating my previous trnaslation when it struck me. Instead of hitting another narrative poem right away (Daniel or Christx3, most likely), why don't I work on a text that really has not been translating in a long time. The answer to that, my friends, is the Metres of Boethius. It would mean experimenting with lyric forms and voices, something that I have only poked around at, but it could really be a service to the Anglo-Saxon community to produce a contemporary translation of this valuable text.

I already have started working on it, in fact, months and months ago, and so have the prologue done Right now, I'm trying to find a more updated text than the ASPR version.



In this way Alfred, the king of the West-Saxons,
narrated this old story to us, announcing his art,
the skill of a song-maker. In him was a great desire
to proclaim these poems unto his peoples, a mirth for men,
these miscellaneous songs, so that his ardor would drive out
the arrogant man—then the one who is ill-equipped
in such things would correct him for his pride.
Yet I shall speak this counsel known to the people,
taking it up in verse, and say unto men. Listen who will!

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