Thursday, June 3, 2010

Elene IV finished

Elene spoke and before those nobles said: “Listen, wise-minded men,
to holy secrets, both words and wisdom. So, you all have assumed
the teaching of your prophets, how he, the Life-First,
would be born in the shape of a child, the Wielder of Might.
Concerning that Moses sang, and spoke that word, Israel’s guard:
‘Born among you shall be a boy in secret, famous of might,
so his mother with fruiting will not be conceived through men’s love.’ (332-41)

“Of him David king, of that noble lineage, sang forth,
wise prophet of old and the father of Solomon, and spoke
that word, the prince of warriors: ‘I have looked upon
the God of Beginnings before, the Lord of Victories.
He was in my sight, Sovereign of Powers, upon my right hand,
the Herdsman of Majesty. I will never turn my face thence forever.’ (342-49)

“So also Isaiah the prophet spoke wordfully concerning you all,
before the multitude, deep-thinking through the spirit of the Lord:
‘I raised up my young children and gave birth to sons,
to whom I gave prosperity, holy comfort of mind, but they despised me,
hating me by fiend-ship, having no forethought, no wit of wisdom;
and the wretched cattle, that one drives and goads every day,
understand their benefactor, not at all by the grief-wrack
do they hate their friend that gives them their fodder,
and never have the folk of Israel wished to acknowledge me
though I have done many wonders for them in this world.’” (350-63)

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