Thursday, June 10, 2010

Elene VI online

“Then I gave answer boldly unto my father, the old law-counselor:
‘How could it happen in this worldly realm that our fathers
would wish to send by their hands upon that Holy One
unto the soul-fire through wrathful understanding
if they knew beforehand that he was the Christ, the King in the heavens,
the true Son of the Maker, the Savior of Souls?” (454-61)

“Then my elder replied to me, wise of spirit, my father speaking:
‘Think, young man, about the high-power of God, the name of the Redeemer.
That word is unspeakable by any mortal man, nor can man
discover it by oneself upon the mould-way. Never did I seek those counsels
that those people wished to seek, but always did I hold myself
aloof from those sins, working no shame at all in my spirit.
I, often and eagerly, made contest against the unrighteous,
when the wise elders held debate, seeking in their souls
how they might hang up the Son of the Maker, the Helm of Men,
The Lord of All, of angel and man, the Child Most Noble.
Nor could they so foolish afflict him with death,
men accursed, as they had intended before, to beset
him with wounds, although he after awhile on the gallows
sent forth his soul, the Victorious Son of God. (462-81a)

“‘Then from the cross the Wielder of the Heavens was lifted,
the Majesty of All Majesties, and three nights later
he was waiting in his tomb under the close of darkness,
and upon the third day, the Light of All Lights arose,
Princes of Angels, and before his thanes, the True Lord of Victories,
revealed himself, bright of joy. (481b-89a)

“‘Then your brother took on after a time the bath of baptism,
the radiant belief. Then for the love of the Lord,
Stephen was stoned to death; he yielded not evil for evil,
but trouble-strong spoke for his olden enemies,
begging the Triumph-King that he not set those woe-deeds
upon the Jews as their punishment—that they out of envy
deprived a unguilted man of his life, free from sin, by Saul’s lesson,
just as he through fiend-ship judged many of Christ’s folk
to death. Yet again the Lord showed mercy to him, so that he became
a comfort to many people, afterward the God of Creation
The Savior of Men, changed his name and he after that was called
Saint Paul by name, and there was never another better law-learned man
than him under the shelter of the skies ever since,
born of woman or man in this world, although he bade
Stephen to be killed with stones upon the hill, your own brother. (489b-510)

“‘Now you can hear, my dear man, how honor-fast is the Sovereign of All,
though we often make crime against him by the wound of sins,
if we soon make remedy for our harmful deeds and desist
from transgressions again. Therefore I truly and my dear father
since believe that the God of All Majesties suffered,
the Teacher of Life, with hateful torments for the over-need of men.
Therefore I will teach you through mystery-songs, my dearest boy,
so that you will never do blasphemy, envy nor wicked accusations,
grim responses against God’s Child. Then you will merit the eternal life
that will be given to you in heaven, the best victory-prize.’ (511-27)

“Thus my father in former-days taught me wordfully, ungrown,
instructing me with true sayings—his name was Simon,
a man wise through anxiety. Now you all know readily
what seems best to you to reveal, if this queen of ours
inquires about that tree, now you know my
soul’s understanding and my heart-thoughts.” (528-35)

Then the wisest among that group of men spoke in reply
to Judas, wordfully: “Never have we heard of any warrior
among this nation, no other thane except you who now
makes it known about such a secret event.
Do what seems best, you wise in ancient-songs,
if you are asked in that company of men. That man needs wisdom,
sly words, and the perspicuity of a prophet, who must give answer
to that noble woman before such an army at council.” (536-46)

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