Sunday, June 6, 2010

That's it for Elene V!

Then they went away from the council, just as the mighty queen,
bold among the cities, had commanded them do. Sorrow-minded,
eagerly considering, they sought with the crafty thinkers what sin
it might be that, in that people, they might have done against the Caesar,
of which that queen accused them. Then there before the nobles,
one spoke up, ready-wise in his songs, crafty of words—
his name was Judas: “I know readily that she wishes to ask
about that victory-tree upon which the Wielder of Nations suffered,
lacking of all sins, God’s own son, who guiltless of any crime,
through hate our fathers was hanged on a high beam in former-days.
That was a terrible thought! (411-26a)

“Now there is much need that we firmly establish our spirits,
that we do not become an informer to that murder, nor
to where that holy tree was buried after the battle-strife,
unless we should destroy the wise and ancient writings
and forsake the teaching of our fathers. It will not be long
after that that the lineage of Israel or the belief of our earls
will be possible to reign any longer across middle-earth
if this become known. So said my grandfather,
victory-strong, he was called Sachius, a wise and aged prophet,
to my own father and my father unto his son,*
when he departed from this world, he spoke to me this word: (426b-440)

‘If it happens to you in the days of your life that you hear
wise men asking about the holy tree, rearing up strife
about that victory-tree upon which the True King was hanged,
the Warden of Heaven’s realm, Warrior of All Peace,
then you must reveal it quickly, my dear son, before killing
seizes you. Never after that can the Hebrew people,
deliberating counsel, hold reign or rule over the multitude,
except that they shall live forever and ever filled with joy
of the majesty and the lordship—*
they will praise and love the hanging king.’” (441-53)

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