Friday, June 4, 2010

Elene V has tumbled out

Below please find the lion's share of Elene's fifth part. Today I just kept going and going with the translation and ended up with a whole pile of lines. Some I am allowing to cool before posting them, others I have posted prematurely and have had to make some corrections or changes. Read below and see what you think...


“So—we have heard this through the holy books that the Lord
gave you renown not-ignoble,* the Maker gave you plenty of power.
He said unto Moses how you must heed the Heaven-King,
and perform his teachings. Soon this vexed you,
and you had opposed the Righteous One, rejecting the Radiant
shaper of us all, the Lord of Lords, and persisting in error
over the rightness of God. Now you go swiftly and find again
those men that best know the ancient books by craft of wisdom,
your law-rights, that know how to say answers to me
through their broad spirits.” (364-76)

Then the proud-hearted went back in a band, mind-sorrowing,
just as the queen ordered them to. They found five hundred
prescient men, selected from among their companions,
who held the most learning-craft through heart’s memory,
in the wisdom of their spirits. They were invited to the hall again
in very little time, the wardens of the city. The queen began
to address them wordfully, looking over them all. (377-85)

“Often you have performed foolish deeds, cursed wrack-kin,
and despised the writing, the teaching of your fathers,
but never more than now when you rejected the cure
for your blindness, and you withsake the truth and the right,
that the son of the Wielder was born in Bethlehem,
the only Son and King, the Greatest of Nobles.
Although you know the law, the words of the prophets,
you do not wish to recognize, sin-working, the truth.” (386-95)

The wise Jews then answered her with one heart:
“Listen, we have learned the Hebrew law, which in days past
our fathers have known at the Ark of God. We do not readily know
so far why you are severely wrathful with us, lady.
We know not what sin that we have performed in this folk-share,
nor any great evil we have made against you.”

Elene spoke and before those earl said, the woman addressed
them plainly, loud before the multitude:
“Go away quickly now, and apart seek out the wise among you,
who has the most power and mind-craft, bold enough to reveal
honestly every thing that I ask them. (404-10)

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