Monday, January 7, 2013

Advent Lyrics 6

Hallelujah! Here is the sixth Advent Lyric--halfway through the lot of them.



O God of Spirits, how wisely
you were named by the name
Emmanuel, as the angel
first spoke it in Hebrew!

That is readily translated
generously in its mysteries:
“Now is the Warden of Heaven,
God himself among us!”

So the men of old many years ago
truthfully prophesied
the King of All Kings,
just as the clean priest as well,

the most famous of all,
Melchisedech wise in spirit once
revealed the divine majesty
of the Eternal All-Wielding God.

He was the bringer of the law,
the teacher of holy lessons
to those hoping for a long time
for the hither-coming,

just as was foretold to him,
that the Son of the Measurer
himself would cleanse
the citizens of the earth,

and likewise seek out
a journey to the deep as well
by the power of his spirit.

Now they bide in their bonds
patiently for the Bairn of God
to come to the chary.
Enfeebled by their agonies,

therefore they call out thus:
“Now come to us yourself,
High-King of Heaven.
Bring us the life of salvation,

the weary thralls of torment,
worn out by our weeping,
with bitter tears of burning salt.
The cure for our pressing need
lies with you alone.

Search here for these
mind-miserable captives,
and do not leave us behind you,
when you come here again,

a multitude so massive,
but reveal to us regally
your mercies, Christ the Savior,
Nobleman of Glory,

nor allow those cursed ones
to keep power over us.
Bequeath us eternal joys
your own glories,
that we may praise you,

Glory-King of Armies,
which you once worked
with your own hands.

In the lofty heights
you shall abide forever
with the Sovereign Father. (130-63)

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