Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Advent Lyrics 10

Whoopie! These guys are fun to translate! Here's a nice short one, Advent Lyric 10, for your delectation.



Hail holy Lord of the Heavens,
you were coeval with your father
of old in that excellent home.

There were no angels yet made,
none of that ample and powerful majesty
which administer the realm

up in the heavens,
the splendid palace of the Prince
and his body of thanes,

when you first established
yourself along with the Eternal Lord
and this spacious creation,

the broad and abundant earth.
For both of you in common
is the High-Spirit fast in its shelter.

We all pray to you, Savior Christ,
in all humility that you hear
the voice of the captives,

your constrained captives,
preserving God, how we are all
oppressed by our own yearning.

The exiled kindred, the cursed ghasts
have constrained us cruelly,
the hell-harmers full of hate,

binding us with ropes of many harms.
The cure belongs to you
alone, Eternal Lord.

Help the body-sorrowing,
so that your hither-coming
might comfort the destitute,

although we have made a feud
against you with our lust
for every sort of crime.

Be merciful to your servants,
consider our miseries,
how we totter with a feeble mind,

wander about abjectly.
Come now, King of Warriors,
and do not tarry too long.

There is a need for your mercy—
that you should redeem us
and grant us the soothfast

grace of your salvation,
so that we may henceforth
prosper the better

in your fellowship
at your will. (348-77)

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