Saturday, January 5, 2013

Advent Lyrics 3

Turns out I have better internet access than I anticipated, plus some spare time, so here's another Advent Lyric from Christ I.



Hail sight of peace, holy Jerusalem
best of national thrones, land of cities of Christ,
the center of the angels’ homeland—
and in you alone the souls of the soothfast
may find their rest, exultant in your glories.

Never shall a slightest symbol of sin
be revealed in that dwelling-place,
but each and every fault shall far turn aside,
wickedness and strife.

You are replete in every glory,
the holy expectation,
just as you are named —

See now for yourself:
looking around every corner
throughout this wide creation
and the roomy roof of the heavens—

how the King of the Skies
seeks a journey in you
and arrives himself—

how he takes his abode in you,
as the wisely fixed prophets
told it before long ago.

They revealed the birth of Christ,
speaking to you as a comfort,
most excellent of all cities.

Now is the child come,
born as an amendment,
to the sins of the Hebrews.

He brings bliss to you,
loosing your bonds
compelled upon you
in malice. He knows
the pressing necessity,
how the wretched
must await mercy. (50-70)

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